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Investing in
Digital Science

At Digital Science, we invest in tools that simplify the work of scientists and researchers, so that they can reach their goals of advancing humanity.

From open access journals to knowledge graphs and research tools, we support trailblazers who share the vision of helping usher a new age in science.


We make majority acquisitions. The Digital Science team will provide management support to newly acquired companies and integrate their offering into our suite of tools.

What we look for

We look for companies with strong growth and exciting technologies, whose product complement the existing suite of Digital Science portfolio tools.


Companies who have proven product market fit and have already reached >USD 1m in annual revenue.


The Future of Science

The Digital Science division has proliferated in the last decade, with a reach of more than 10 million users worldwide; in more than 60 countries today.

As we continue to help scientists and researchers with their goal of bringing groundbreaking insights to the world, we look for ambitious founders who want to take their company to the next level.

If you're a fast growing company that shares the vision of being a part of the future of how scientific research is conducted, reach out to us.

- Dominic Regehr, Investment Director, Digital Science

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