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Digital Content

Since our earliest investment in Parship, MyHammer and we have been excited to be at the forefront of the next evolution of content.

With the emergence of a burgeoning Creator Economy at the turn of the decade, we invest in the infrastructure of tomorrow's tools and platforms.


VC investments into rapidly growing startups based in Europe and USA, with ticket sizes starting at €500k up to €15m.


We are generally early stage investors, with a sweet spot for Seed and Series A investment.


At earlier stages, we look for metrics that indicate strong product market fit. At Series A and onwards, we look at commercial proof points.


Breaking ground in a new era

As the original groundbreaker in the German Internet scene with investments in Parship and Gutefrage, we have seen the ups and the downs of digital media as the internet revolutionised it. We have continued to be part of the scene and a wider investor network by investing into HV Capital, who groomed the next wave of household names around the world.

As we move towards the era of the Creator Economy, we aim to support founders who are challenging the status quo in Digital Content.

- Marc-Orell Dedorath, Investment Manager, Digital Content

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