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Digital Education

Education is society's great equalizer, and we invest in tools that help bring education forward into its next form.

From Pre-K to Grey, education gives us the opportunity to transform our lives, and we take great pride in supporting trailblazers in this space.


VC investments into rapidly growing startups based in Europe and USA, with ticket sizes between €500K to €15m.


We are generally early stage investors, with a sweet spot for Seed and Series A investments.


At earlier stages, we look for metrics that indicate strong product market fit. At Series A and onwards, we look at scalability and traction.


Mission in Education

With an early interest in education, we decided to make the leap from the traditional to the modern era, starting with our investment in AMBOSS.

As we expand our footprint in the EdTech sector, we are excited to be able to support the founders who are changing the very foundation of how we learn. With a network of EdTech specialist funds, we look to provide our constellation of portfolio companies with help in all forms for them to reach their next milestones.

- Jannik von Wallis, Investment Director, Digital Education

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